El Pliego is a unique hypogenic cave carved by sulphuric acids and coated by a very rare kind of dripstone. It's located on the hills, not far from Murcia, Spain. Here you can admire it's most wonderful chamber from the comfort of your home!

Lava tubes are channels created by an underground eruption. When very fluid lava flows underground, it leaves huge voids as soon as the volcanic activity is over. Here you have a clear example of this phenomenon directly from Lanzarote, Spain.

La ferrata del Vajont has been placed alongside the famous Vajont dam to commemorate the 1963 disaster. In one night a huge portion of the mountain collapsed and fell into the artificial lake and the wave generated by the landslide flooded the underlying towns.

L'abisso Novegno contains an impressive 600 feet pit. If you toss a pebble you'll hear it whistling many seconds before hitting the bottom. The first explorers were so scared they placed 6 anchors at the top to start rigging. Here's a view from the middle of the pit.

Longobrico is often referred to as the pearl of Vicenza. It's just a single cosy chamber but the concretions are so beautiful and so packed together you won't find anything like it in the surroundings.

My virtual tours

La grotta della Guerra is a pretty famous cave of Vicenza, Italy. Created thousands of years ago by strong, hypogenic forces this cave has been used as a shelter and refuge during WWII. Here's the first complete virtual tour of a cave in the world! Navigate the cave clicking onto the pins along the path.